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Friday, September 02, 2005 

Bush administration funnelling donations to Robertson

Be careful who you donate to, and I'm not talking about the innumerable Web and email scams undoubtedly springing up right about now.

American blog Sploid discovered that the US FEMA disaster relief agency has been giving preferential status for receiving donations (towards the relief of New Orleans and surrounding areas) to a charity called "Operation Blessing". This 'charity' was initially listed (out of order) in second place on an alphabetical list at the FEMA website, right after the American Red Cross.

Just what is "Operation Blessing", then? Well, it turns out that it's a Pat Robertson front operation. The FEMA page in question has (since DailyKos learned of it) been moved to another URL, but Operation Blessing is still linked to at the new location, in addition to some new trickery with the order of precedence.

This Robertson scam is also linked to by Instapundit, on the page being used by the US right for their donation efforts. So, what was all that guff over the last number of days about how this fundamentalist fraud wasn't close to the Bushies...?

(hat-tip to DailyKos)

Update: The original preferential treatment towards Robertson's organisation can be seen in a FEMA press release here. (And in case that also disappears down the memory hole, I've saved a screengrab)

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