Wednesday, February 25, 2009 

Cowen Derangement Syndrome

Sarah, Sarah: please calm down, and take a deep breath. I know that certain parts of FG are hyperventilating at the thought of finally having a shot at doing in Fianna Fáil, but the result of that would be a Fine Gael in power which seems more likely (judging from my own observations in the past few years of the younger Blueshirts) to be far to the right of even the most PD-friendly elements of FF.
Am I wrong in thinking that in six months time a cruel-looking German in a pin-striped suit will board a plane in Frankfurt bound for Dublin?

Or a rather inoffensive bureaucrat with a lovely wife, three children and a hobby in collecting porcelain dogs who was here as a back-packing student thirty years ago. Take your pick.
Am I wrong in thinking that Cowen hates him so much, he would rather see international intervention than Enda Kenny as taoiseach?

Can we expect to see a crazed Brian Cowen, high on angel dust, give both barrels of a shotgun to Nice Guy Enda during Taoiseach's questions in the Dáil chamber, in a brutal gang-related killing broadcast live to a horrified nation?

er, no.
Is his belief in Fianna Fáil’s divine right to rule so ingrained that he would rather the country hand over sovereignty to the fund or the ECB rather than the Opposition?

Whatever one may think of FF, they did actually emerge the victors of the last election and (with the help of a few friends) have - for better or much, much worse - formed what is termed a 'government', based on a 'parliamentary majority'. It's up to a majority of our elected representatives to decide to throw the bums out, and not the more ambitious parts of Fine Gael.
Is that why, no matter how much the Sunday Independent demands a national government, we won’t get one, not because Enda or Eamon won’t say yes, but because Brian can’t bring himself to ask?

Funny, how everyone else in the country (who's paying attention to such things) sees the versatile Eoghan Harris as rather more of a Fianna Fáil mouthpiece. All, that is, but the latest talent signing in The Irish Times.

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