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Tuesday, August 30, 2005 

We Love The Fourth Green Field

Most surreal moment of the week has to come from a motley enterprise involving Northern Loyalists, the Orange Order and Unionist front-group FAIR (presumably Lord Laird is on holidays somewhere nice).

I refer, of course, to the Love Ulster Campaign which is attracting quite a bit of attention at the moment in the North. (Nobody said that Loyalists' grasp of geography would be any better than their knowledge of history)

JoBlog (perhaps drawn there by misreading the title as Ulster Love?) has a few comments to make. And Deaglan over at Res Publica has gone deep undercover to trawl the murky depths of the LoveUlster forums. Resurfacing (thankfully in one piece), he presents a number of gems showing what "We Love Ulster" really means. He saves the money-quote for the end:
"Lord Carson's dream will finally be realised and Catholics will realise they have nothing to fear from Northern Ireland and the UK."
A sentiment unsurprisingly echoed by A Tangled Bigot Web contributor Andrew, who finishes a gushing post on Love Ulster with:
"The only advice I can give to the campaign itself is to broaden your appeal to non-nationalist Catholics and people who are members of the new ethnic communities in Northern Ireland.

Best wishes to all involved with 'Love Ulster'."
Quite. Though somehow I can't imagine that the ethnic minorities in question will exactly be rushing to don sashes and bowler hats any time soon.

(Vancie is so far holding fire on Love Ulster, strangely enough. Surely a first?)

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