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Tuesday, August 30, 2005 

Tiger on the loose

Well, I finally went ahead and did it this weekend gone. I installed Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger", and despite the inevitable horror stories you see on the net it didn't eat my hard drives nor go up in a bang and smoke. In fact, it went quite smoothly (I would still back up, though, just in case).

Initial reaction? Safari has gotten a lot faster. Spotlight is great, though a lot of its power has been hidden from casual view (more on this below). I'll need to find a useful widget in order to, er, find Dashboard useful. I cannot wait to get at Automator.

Back to Spotlight. It turns out that there's both a more advanced Spotlight window and under-documented Boolean operators in there. The 'hidden', enhanced Spotlight can be accessed by Command-F in the Finder. The Booleans available for Spotlight include handy little options for diacretical marks and a range of other goodies.

More on Spotlight's obscure depths at the following:

Apple - Spotlight Tips
Ipse dixit

(Anyone else out there care to chip in with word on how they're experiencing 10.4?)

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