Saturday, May 09, 2009 

Duck to water

FG spokesperson to RTÉ, today:
A spokesperson for Fine Gael has said there are no plans to run former PD leader and government minister Michael McDowell as a Fine Gael candidate at the next general election.

He said a newspaper story in today's Irish Daily Mail was speculative and the party would not comment on speculation.

McDowell as prospective future Fine Gael Taoiseach? Can the man's ego resist?


George Lee, Wunderkind Unleashed

The one-time RTÉ economics editor and now-FG candidate for the By-election in Dublin South has unleashed his grand plan for getting the country out of a depression. Conor McCabe over at Dublin Opinion digs into what he has to say:
Apparently, housing construction is being held back by big government and its VAT rates, and not by the fundamental crisis in the Irish and international banking systems. not only that, more housing is what we need to get us back on the straight and narrow. And mortgages. fucking lots of them. Happy days again.

As if on cue, we've also now got horse expert and EU Commissioner Charlie McCreevey begging the Irish public not to eat the rich:
"But it is essential that we remain focused on the dynamic and human nature that drives risk-taking, economic activity and tax revenues forward and that we guard against policies and tax-rates that drive risk-taking, economic activity and tax revenues backwards.

"Put simply, it's not higher tax rates that generate higher tax revenues, it is higher economic activity that generates them. We can sink or swim, but if we lose sight of these simple facts, we will certainly sink," he said.
Damned right. If not for our altruistic rich class who continue to selflessly pump money into the Irish economy, where would we be?

Thursday, May 07, 2009 

Walter Pincus on the decline of US newspapers

A similar article is crying out to be written for this jurisdiction.

There still seems no great public consciousness of what exactly occured with the destruction of the Press Group more than a decade ago, and its consequences for the national media. The power of INM (owned first by O'Reilly, and now by O'Brien) in the aftermath of this period means that it can seriously affect the course of politics and even elections, with no counterweights.

I defy anyone to argue that this has been a healthy development.

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