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Wednesday, July 20, 2005 

Halos slipping for Aer Lingus management?

Aer Lingus (the Irish national airline) have embarressingly suffered the leak of a twelve-point memo outlining dirty tricks to push staff into taking redundancy. As RTÉ reports:

"The controversial discussion document indicated a range of options including the so called 'tap on the shoulder' approach to some supervisory staff that they had no future with the airline.

Another involved downgrading of cabin crew's traditional liveried uniform in favour of t-shirts and jumpsuits and tedious training programmes for pilots."

It is also reported that shifts were to be maliciously changed in order to put pressure on staff members with children. This is despicable behaviour, folks.

The hapless present Aer Lingus management insist that this plan was only a draft and was never put into action, but it provides a sharp reality check as to how the minds of at least some of these too-highly-paid gurriers - the unimpugnable saints of our time - think. Staff at the airline are furious, and who can blame them?

Regular Aer Lingus watchers will remember former wunderkind Willie Walsh (CEO at the time of this memo) and his two sidekicks departing the airline under a cloud earlier this year. This hurried exit came about after it emerged that they were already scheming to launch their own low-cost competitor (a management buy-out offer having been rebuffed by the Irish Government).

Mr. Walsh's eventual destination? He's now taken over at British Airways, where the UUP's David Burnside once did a roaring trade in dirty tricks at the behest of management. Ironic?

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