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Friday, July 15, 2005 

London Bombmaker Captured - BBC

Good news, if it turns out to be true.

Also, some more from AmericaBlog on the Mohammed Naeem Noor Khan epsisode that I've commented on previously. This is a scandal that has gone unremarked in the media over here. Are the press doing their job? Doesn't look like it, and don't hold your breath waiting for mention of it in the Anglo-American corner of the Irish blogging scene (pertinent example here).

From AmericaBlog (quoting AP):
"The disclosure to reporters of the arrest of an al-Qaida computer expert jeopardized Pakistani efforts to capture more members of Osama bin Laden's terrorist network, government and security officials said Tuesday.

Two senior Pakistani officials said initial reports in "Western media" last week of the capture of Muhammad Naeem Noor Khan had enabled other al-Qaida suspects to get away, but declined to say whether U.S. officials were to blame for the leak.

"Let me say that this intelligence leak jeopardized our plan and some al-Qaida suspects ran away," one of the officials said on condition of anonymity....

But the Pakistani officials said that after Khan's arrest, other al-Qaida suspects had abruptly changed their hide-outs and moved to unknown places."

Scandalous, but not very surprising. The Iraq aftermath has been a disaster of US Republican mismanagement based on policy of wringing the maximum (domestic) political and financial gain for Republicans and their supporters, usually at the expense of getting the job done.

Why weren't the US armed forces expanded, instead of the mind-boggling tax cuts to Bush donor constituencies? Why was there a policy of staffing the CPA with Republicans with little or no expertise for their tasks? Why does Adhmad Chalabi still have US patronage?

"Libel"-Richard Waghorne
"Attack blog"-Damien Mulley

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