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Sunday, August 28, 2005 

It must be that turn of the Wheel again...

Knife of Dreams (Robert Jordan's eleventh book in his NYT bestseller Wheel of Time series) is due out October 11th, complete with the Darrell K. Sweet artwork which we all know and love (see picture above, of what we can only guess to be Perrin, Gaul and Berelain. Seriously, this guy's been doing artwork for decades, and he still can't draw figures in a natural proportion or get perspective right?).

An excerpt from the beginning of the book is here. True to form, Jordan is once more wringing fans out for extra cash by selling an eBook of the entirety of the Prologue. I can only presume that people are already side-stepping this display of greed by typing Embers Falling On Dry Grass into their favourite P2P program (note that copyright piracy is illegal, folks). About the only bright spot in this now-predictable happening is that we're at least given dual-platform (Windows and Mac) DRM.

Chapter One is also available as a free eBook from Amazon.com if you pre-order your copy there. Don't bother, though - it's only 18 pages and we can safely assure you that nothing much happens. Support your local independent book-seller instead (and those people deserve the custom, believe us).

Good news - buzz is that Book Twelve is the last one. Hopefully we might finally find out who killed Asmodean, and where Moiraine is, and all the other plots that haven't moved forward since at least Book Seven or Eight (sadly, we're not exaggerating here). By this stage, I suspect that a lot of fans are rooting for the DO to kill off Rand, just for it to finally be over.

(OK, episode of geekiness over. Except to note that Stephen Donaldson has an ongoing interview here on his Chronicles of Thomas Covenant series)

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