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Sunday, August 21, 2005 

Magill to be Magone?

Listening to Newstalk 106's Media Matters on Sunday, I was struck (even a subsequent guest commented on it) by the weak excuses given by Magill publisher Ian Hyland on why he has so far declined to have ABC audits of circulation numbers of his magazine.

(Hyland also publishes Business & Finance, which itself ran into difficulties in 2002)

Readers with an interest in the media will be aware that advertisers require concrete, independently-audited circulation figures (warning: PDF) - or else they tend to pull the plug.

If this becomes the case, then it is difficult to see how anything short of the emergence of a rich (conservative) sugar-daddy will save this title from its third death. (Perhaps an opportunity for the Freedom Bloggers' Washington office to ride to the rescue?).

Hyland's continued reluctance to provide this information certainly suggests that the reanimated Magill may not have as much life in it as its native-born (and foreign ex-pat) New Right fanbase hoped. In a turn against type, will Frankenstein slay his monster?

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