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Tuesday, August 23, 2005 

FI score latest US right-wing endorsement

This time from Irish-American Brian Maloney, contributor on noted racist wingnut pundit Michelle Malkin's blog (adding to their previous notch from Crazy Davey). To quote Maloney from early Tuesday:
"Wow- a well-designed conservative, pro-American, Italian blog! This one makes my day.

One from Ireland (preferably anti-EU) might be even better, if it existed."

Fear not! His plaintive appeal was soon answered by Malkin's loyal fanbase. A clearly overjoyed Maloney posted later (misspelled Gaelic left as is):
By Brian Maloney · August 23, 2005 02:54 PM
Yesterday's post about a pro-American Italian blog caused irritation when I asked about a lack of similar sites from Ireland.

For that, I say ta bron orm (sorry), because I quickly heard from a number of people about these:

--- Neocenturions, a well-written moderate site. Scroll down for timely remarks on the increasingly dangerous rhetoric of Venezuela's Hugo Chavez.

Could Pat Robertson be right about Chavez?

--- The Freedom Institute, with a heavy focus on economics.

--- AtlanticBlog, from an American living in Ireland, also strong on economics and global politics.

--- And Mark Humphrys, with an extensive site covering politics and religious discussions. Note: posts arranged by topic, not date.[...]"

(In a measure of Maloney's wingnut status, readers should be aware that his "Chavez" remarks refer to this)

US expat William Sjostrom (Capo di Capi Re to the Freedom Institute) has previously come to our attention as an object of Malkin approval. Humphrys is, well, a nut of Horowitzian proportions, as his own writings make clear.

The 'Neocenturions' (who have only now come to notice) style themselves "Hired Goon", "ZoonPoliticon" and "wolf'n'steyn". (While not as unintentionally gay-sounding as 'Hindrocket', 'Big Trunk' and 'Deacon', we'll give them credit for capturing a genuine sense of that US right-wing je ne sais quoi).

I was reassured to note that these potential young Freedom Bloggers already enjoy the FI imprimateur:

"Keith Mallon said...
Hey folks.

Hadn't seen this blog before.
Good to see you're around.

Drop us a line and catch for a drink at some stage - yeah?

Register on the forum and send us a PM for email details."

Surely, three talented individuals to look out for in the future.

"Libel"-Richard Waghorne
"Attack blog"-Damien Mulley

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