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Thursday, July 07, 2005 

Atrocity in London

That's about the only words fit to describe what is unfolding in London right now. There appears to have been no-warnings bombings of both the Tube and at least three double-decker buses. The known numbers of dead and wounded are expected to rise sharply. Even here in Dublin, people are in a state of disbelieving shock. And many of us have relatives and friends in London.

Given the similarities to the Madrid bombings, it can be assumed that this is the work of Al Qaeda, 'marking' the G8 meeting. Everyone's sympathies are with the innocent victims of terrorism in London today.

UPDATE: I've just heard that Sky were initially pushing the bizarre line that this was the work of anti-globalization protestors. Can anyone confirm if this is true? If so, it is another ghoulish echo of Madrid.

UPDATE: Gavin says that Blair will make an address at mid-day. One hopes that Bush is kept away from the microphones - this is a day for the British people and Londoners in particular to be allowed to grieve without others attempting political hijackings. I think that British people would resent that on a horrific day like today, especially coming from Bush.

UPDATE: Spoke too soon. John McGuirk of the Freedom Institute has in a post expressed sentiments which mirror my own, at least up until he links approvingly to a (US right-wing blog) Redstate post which concludes:

Once buried, it will be time to avenge them.

Perhaps the villains' expectation is that the Briton will quail as the Spaniard, reacting to massacre with headlong flight from foreign fields.

I find this Redstate statement fairly disgraceful with respect to the Spanish people (it is a knowing lie and a shameful libel on Spain), and I hope John will re-think his endorsement of it.

UPDATE: More reaction from the FI, this time from Peter Nolan:

UPDATE 1: (12:00) The government seemed to have learned the lessons of Madrid - there's no public speculation on the responsibility or even the causes of the explosions. Here's my two pennies - the simultaneous explosions are an AQ signature. The timing, when many of the security forces and government personnel are out of London at the G8 in Edinburgh shows a fair degree of cunning and perhaps the political message - "Your leaders are far away and can't protect you". Coming right after the announcement of the Olympics coming to the city, the bombings may also intended to scare people away from attending.

I think Peter is very wrong on his "Your leaders are far away and can't protect you". It cannot be a coincidence that this Al Qaeda action (if such it is) occurred at a time while George W. Bush was in the UK at a long-heralded and high-profile event as the G8 summit.

Also, the thought that Al Qaeda are doing this because of the Olympics is patently ridiculous. It was by no means certain (or even likely) that London would host the Olympics, and these attacks would have required long planning and preparation. The timing with the G8 conference (and Bush's presence in the UK) is a lot more likely.

UPDATE: Zepp says that al Qaeda have claimed responsibility, and that there were suicide-bombers involved. Also that the Israeli Embassy reports that it was warned shortly beforehand by police.

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