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Thursday, June 30, 2005 

The 'Freedom Institute' needs to grow up

...as do some Indymedia people. Seriously, guys, neither one of you has a monopoly on idiotic positions.

There's normal give-and-take ribbing, and justification in occasional schadenfreude if/when you're right. However, a degeneration into flame-wars makes no-one look good, does it?

Some recent FI posts:

"My own observation and our recent experience with Indymedia, both there and in the comments threads on this blog has convinced me that they are by-and-large completely independent - of reality.

[snip by EWI]

I queried their describing Richard Delevan as a "fascist". How original, not to say accurate and insightful - and "so-called 'professional' journalist" - when she can't be bothered in basic details herself (does anyone here ever read the "Evening Herlad", which is one of at least six spelling mistakes in 430 words). My pointing this out as well as saying that by this stage not even the Chinese would suspect Griffith College is a proper institution probably contributed to my comments being deleted entirely. Contrary to the discussion on this posting, we're not getting money, guns or baseball caps from the CIA.

[snip by EWI]
posted by Peter Nolan"


(Note: as of 7.44pm, there are no comments allowed by the FI on the above)

"Commenting Guidelines
Update 13 April: Removed number seven as redundant
Update 29 June: Added a new guidelines numbers seven and eight

If you're going to comment here, and in general everybody is very welcome to do so, take a moment to consider some suggestions that will allow us all to get along nicely. Responding to comments on postings is perhaps the most enjoyable thing about reading blogs.

However, so that we can get along, we ask you to respect the following guidelines. Otherwise, your comments may be edited or even deleted. This is private property, after all.

[snip by EWI]

7. If you're not a member of the FI, your influence on our approach to running the blog will necessarily be limited. This is private property, so we make the rules governing behaviour here based on our own judgement of what is right and proper.

8. Trotsky supposedly once quipped, "Everyone has the right to be stupid, but Comrade Macdonald abuses the privilege." Don't overuse this right in your comments. We reserve the right to edit or delete them if you haven't taken the trouble to write in plain and coherent English or if they demonstrate nothing apart your lack of intellectual capacity."


And Indymedia:

"Fascist Freedom Institute and "rivers of immigrants"
by fiwatch - afa Wednesday, Mar 2 2005, 2:42pm
national / migration / other press

Fascist Freedom Institute play the race card.
Ireland's "freedom institute" published an article today on "rivers of immigrants". Using emotive words like "floodgates" and "national interest" they are clearly trying to fuel racism in this country.

Pass on the warning.

http://www.freedominst.org/2005/03/rivers-of-immigrants.html "


Need I say more? So, come on. "Give peace a chance..."

"Libel"-Richard Waghorne
"Attack blog"-Damien Mulley

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