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Friday, September 30, 2005 


Moses' Pet Dinosaur
Moses' Pet Dinosaur

Honestly, is there anything more ridiculous than the so-called "Intelligent Design" movement? Apart from being a thinly-disguised front for Christian creationists seeking to undermine the teaching of the theory of evolution, that they have to pack school boards in order to bypass what we might perhaps refer to as a credibility test (as part of their 'Wedge strategy') speaks volumes for the utter lack of scientific basis for their 'theory'.

Inevitably enough, we suppose, ID is also to be found being hawked at Tech Central Station, a home for other quote-unquote "scientific" musings such as on the deadly effects of breast-feeding. (Though the news that Mark Steyn is being unusually coy on whether or not he believes in Intelligent Design certainly brightened up morning coffee-break here in Free Stater HQ, let me tell you.)

The latest 'proof' being offered by ID'ers for Biblical Creationism Intelligent Design is that penguins exist.

No, seriously.

(Kudos to Red Rover for inspiring the title of this post)

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