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Sunday, July 31, 2005 

Paging Madam Editor...

Kevin Myers has lost his perch as the resident sycophantic 'Paddy' in the UK's Daily Telegraph, according to a recent Phoenix Magazine article (Vol. 23, No. 13). For those thoroughly sickened by this cowardly, dancing-on-graves* bastard; Schadenfreude ahoy!

For foreign readers who don't know who Myers is, think of a West-Brit equivalent of Mark Steyn and you're hitting very close to the mark indeed. This profile on Steyn could be re-applied to Myers with just a few minor cosmetic changes.

Phoenix gives a reason for Myers being given his marching orders:
"The reality is that [new Telegraph editrix] Sands recognises, even if the Conservative Party does not, that modern Tory supporters want a little more than the values and culture of early 20 thcentury Britain. One of Sands’ three new columnists is Jeremy Paxman, who probably isn’t even a Tory but who is a journalists’ journalist. As well, intelligent British right-wingers recognise that ‘the war’ in Ireland is over (the Telegraph has always been more MI6 than Five) and Colonel Myers’ despatches from the front line may not carry the same sense of urgency in times of armistice."

The magazine further speculates on where Myers (whom it guesses owed at least half his income to the Torygraph) may decamp to next with his English public school boy ideologies:
"The really interesting question now for the Colonel is whether he decides he needs alternative sources of supplementary income. Myers nearly defected to The Sunday Times because The Irish Times would not give him the sort of remuneration he regarded as commensurate with his talents. A compromise was reached whereby Myers was allowed to write for the Telegraph,which has a small Irish market and does not, therefore, greatly threaten the IT.


Myers has been playing footsie with the Sunday Independent for some time now and in a fawning interview with Myers two years ago, Sindo editor, Anguish Fanning, described the Colonel as a “genius”. Myers, in response, praised Tony O’Reilly to the heavens, declaring that he was a “benevolent .... very successful .... honest .... unintrusive newspaper proprietor”."

Atholbooks reproduces more on the subject of Myers' wooing the Sindo (from Angela Clifford articles) here and here. A curious addition to this little drama is that Steyn has become a weekly op-ed contributor to the IT, which makes Myers more than a little redundant as the resident right-wing Anglophile.

Will the Colonel soon become a Soldier of Fortune?

(* Some will remember Myers' own contribution to this, which he published in the IT on the very day of the funeral of Captain James Kelly of Arms Trial fame)

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