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Thursday, June 09, 2005 

Curious goings-on in the DFA

In today's Irish Times, via Back Seat Drivers:

"Ambassador Padraic MacKernan has resisted terminating the contract of the embassy's Maitre d'Hotel, Eduardo Ramos. But the department and the incoming Paris ambassador, Anne Anderson, are insisting that Mr Ramos's employment should end now that Mr MacKernan is leaving Paris. [...] Ms Anderson, who has been Ireland's permanent representative to the EU in Brussels, has argued that for personal reasons she would prefer to have a woman in the post occupied by Mr Ramos.

The row is the second time Mr Ramos's and Ms Anderson's paths have crossed in this way; in 2001 she did not want him to continue in a similar post at the Irish mission in Brussels, saying her preference was for a woman in the house manager role. That difficulty was overcome at the time, when Mr MacKernan offered Mr Ramos the Paris position.

[...] In a letter to Ambassador MacKernan last month, Ms Anderson wrote: "Being on my own. . . as Head of Mission over the last 10 years, I have always had a woman housekeeper/house manager.

"Given the range of tasks involved, this has always seemed to me an easier and more relaxed situation and one that I would like to continue." She said she wanted Mr Ramos treated with consideration, and if he were informed of the position right away, he would have three-and-a-half months' notice to find new accommodation."

Link here.

It seems more than a little unfortunate that twice now, the same person has tried to get rid of Mr. Ramos (her diplomatic wording aside - pun unintended - that's exactly what she's doing). The DFA may claim that such employment is short-term, tied to each Ambassador, but the fact that Mr. Ramos has served the DFA for seventeen continuous years suggests that custom is different in at least some cases.

As well, here's something which the article didn't say, but which occurred to me as I read the article: is there a particular individual whom Ms Anderson is bringing on from Brussels to be her "housekeeper/house manager" in Paris as well? If so, Mr Ramos would appear to have a strong case.

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