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Monday, March 06, 2006 

Keeping up with security issues

Jane's is the standard by which other references on this topic are measured, and for good reason. (As an example, Jane's is the best publicly-available source on the Irish Defence Forces, especially in providing an accurate inventory of equipment.)

Even though the online subscription services are prohibitively expensive, the email list of weekly summaries is worth signing up for. Jane's relies for its bread on providing accurate information and analysis: though inevitably written from a Western (read US) viewpoint, wingnuttery has no place here.

Some tidbits from recent alerts:
Trouble in Bahrain: symptoms of a wider malaise
Record-breaking demonstrations and spontaneous outbreaks of violence in conservative Bahrain provide an illustrative example of wider tensions in the Middle East * The tensions being voiced, from religious conservatives and liberal reformers, are mutually exclusive and leave little room for a middle ground to be found * As newly reinvigorated authoritarian regimes in the Middle East battle it out with Washington over democratic reform, it looks as though the only progress being made is by the Islamists
[Jane's Islamic Affairs Analyst - first posted to http://jiaa.janes.com - 30 January 2006]

Iran's conventional forces remain key to deterring potential threats
Key Points * Iran's Western-influenced defence doctrine is focused on conventional forces and incorporates lessons learned from a range of post-Cold War conflicts. * Layered aerial and coastal defences make Iran a potentially prickly opponent and would require the US or Israel to invest considerable resources in offensive options. * The overstretched and exhausted US military will require a period of strategic reset if it is to undertake effective operations against Iran.
[Jane's Intelligence Review - first posted to http://jir.janes.com - 19 January 2006]
One recent article that may be of considerable interest to observers is the impending demise of the Sea Harrier in UK service - the end of an era for the veteran Falklands War-era fighter jet, a victim of the new British CVF conventional carrier-building program.

"Libel"-Richard Waghorne
"Attack blog"-Damien Mulley

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