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Monday, March 13, 2006 

Blog Awards Aftermath

Raging to not have been going. By all accounts[1] a great time was had by all on Saturday night, and Damien Mulley deserves praise for a great job. Well done Damo!

The Awards were (and there's general agreement that they were all well-deserved):

  • Best Blog: Twenty Major - twentymajor.blogspot.com
  • Best Blog Post: Twenty Major - twentymajor.blogspot.com - "New York Diary"
  • Best Fiction: Thinking Out Loud - www.thinkingoutloud.biz - "47 Hours"
  • Best Comment: Kevin Breathnach - disillusionedlefty.blogspot.com
  • Best Technology Blog: Tom Raftery - www.tomrafteryit.net/views
  • Best Use of Irish Language: An tImeall - imeall.blogspot.com
  • Best Political Blog: Slugger O'Toole - www.sluggerotoole.com
  • Most Humorous: Twenty Major - twentymajor.blogspot.com
  • Best arts and culture: Sinéad Gleeson - www.sineadgleeson.com/blog
  • Best group blog: The Community At Large - www.tcal.net
  • Best photo blog: In Photos - inphotos.org
  • Best personal blog: Thinking Out Loud - www.thinkingoutloud.biz
  • Best contribution to the Irish blogosphere: IrishBlogs.ie - www.irishblogs.ie
Back Seat Driver Jon Ihle has a piece up in tomorrow's today's Irish Times, which can also be found online here. We won't take the bread from the mouths of Mr. Ihle's children (if he has any) by reproducing the article here; but we'll just say, priceless.

[1] and the photos! A more distinguished and sophisticated bunch of people we've not seen outside of a Camille O'Sullivan gig; though can someone please introduce the guy on the right to a pair of scissors?

[2] 'Team Fústar' went along too.

"Libel"-Richard Waghorne
"Attack blog"-Damien Mulley

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