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Friday, February 17, 2006 

Loony-Tunes Sindo

Via Slugger, we see that the Sindo hacks found themselves in the happy position recently of being able to combine two of their favourite hates - the GAA and Northern Irish Catholics. Declan Lynch, on the Tyrone-Dublin game:
"[Violence on the pitch] came at an unfortunate time too, barely a week after commentators had been indulging in one of their occasional bouts of nationalist self-congratulation, as they crowed about an attendance of roughly 20,000 at a Gaelic match up North, boasting that this was a bigger crowd than that which attended the FA Cup match between Portsmouth and Liverpool on the same day.

As always when these boys try to assert that Gaelic games are in any way superior to English football, there is some thick nationalist fudge at the centre of it, a green fudge, a sickly confection feeding the green-eyed monster. And it tastes sweet, as they look down on the English, while the English are looking somewhere else altogether.

Sadly, it is just another facile invention of the minds of men who have gorged themselves on the green goo. It seems to work for them.

[...] these fatuous comparisons with the English game shouldn't distract us from the real threat posed by the fanatical Northern nationalist hordes, which is not to the English at all, but to the "soft South" with its genuine love of football, and its appreciation of many other sports, borne out by its several hundred thousand subcribers to satellite channels.

They hate that, they hate the truth. But on the bright side, maybe the Battle of Omagh between them and their Southern soul-brothers, was the first sign of the Split."
This, ladies and gentlemen, appears to be exactly the sort of fare that Dublin 4 likes to dine on. That anyone still actually buys this O'Reilly rag suggests that there may indeed be a West Brit constituency ready to become loyal readers of the Oirish Daily Mail...

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