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Tuesday, January 03, 2006 


Or so I'm told.

So, the rules are to tell five strange habits/facts...

1) A serial buyer of books and magazines (bought while browsing) that may - or may not - ever get read
2) Drinking tea with (just under) half being milk. Well, there it is.
3) Am I the only straight male who finds the Smack The Pony women funny?
4) The whole establishing-your-social-status-by-your-car thing. Sorry, city-dweller, no interest.
5) One of those who mooned the English (and several million cinema-goers) on Braveheart some years ago, a feat I dare anyone to better.

"Libel"-Richard Waghorne
"Attack blog"-Damien Mulley

About me

  • An early-thirties male Irish technologist living and working in Dublin, I'm a former (recovering) member of both Fianna Fáil and the Roman Catholic Church.

    I'm not a member of any political party these days, but my opinions can be broadly categorised as 'lefty' and republican. I am also a former member of the Irish Defence Forces.

    Please feel free to check out the FI Fie Foe Fum group blog, where I was once a regular contributor, and the Cedar Lounge Revolution, where I can usually be found in the comments.

    (This blog and its contents reflect only my own personal opinions as a private citizen, and not those of any other person or organisation.)



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