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Tuesday, December 13, 2005 

Chalk and Cheese

Kevin over at Disillusioned Lefty has a question:
"If we were to put one Fianna Fáil supporter and one Fianna Gael enthusiast into the same room, before instructing them to discuss their respective parties' policies, but ordering them not to name or make reference to their party, would the ten ordinary citizens - who we order to listen in - have any idea which person was aligned to Fianna Fail, and which to Fine Gael? I wouldn't be able to, and I'm fairly sure the majority of voters would struggle too."
We're game to put forward some stereotypes:

Fianna Fáil - GAA, overwhelmingly Catholic, the smaller farmers and businessmen, Christian/De La Salle Brothers, 'new money', Gaelic surnames.

Fine Gael - Rugger-buggers, a large Protestant minority (though still conservative), 'old money' pretensions and social airs, the bigger farmers and business types who find the PDs both too liberal and too Liberal, private-school education, Old English surnames.

Feel free to flame away, folks.

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