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Monday, January 16, 2006 

Shinners coming in from the cold?

Progressive Ireland has an interesting post on the Sinn Féin documents on economic policy that came to public attention last week. He notes:
"Much of the coverage was on the drive time talk radio, with Hookie and Cooper covering it in some depth. The response from ISME and Shane Ross was to brand it all Marxist twaddle and focus on the call for a raising of Corporation Tax."
We heard the same interview, too. As we recall, the subject then turned to the notion (we forget whether it was Ross or the ISME representative who suggested it) that Sinn Féin would deliberately try to sabotage the economy in order to win more votes. And we were rather surprised by the gusto with which this theme was taken up.

This is wild conspiracy-theorising, in our view. The Shinners no doubt look forward as much as any other political parties to the patronage possibilities with the present economy, and ISME is in ideological terms to IBEC what ILDA are to SIPTU. We'll leave comment on the Indo business editor's views for another time.

We love RR's closing comment:
"Remaining on the fringes, in terms of policy, was never going to win votes, however it is until such time as they commit to policing up north, and moderate some of their other policies that the change will really begin to kick in. Right now that seems unlikely but a year is a long time without and army."
Still, there's at present a good deal of unoccupied ground to the left of both Labour and Fianna Fáil for the Shinners to make themselves at home in, a topic we've blogged on before.

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