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Saturday, October 22, 2005 

A good Nordie blog

clickonsean.org is an interesting and very well-written blog that we've recently come across, which concerns itself with the North and with the GAA. Go check it out, well worth the visit.

From a recent post (we're presuming here that the 'response' is his) on a letter to the Belfast Telegraph:

"Concerned's cod-anthropological “insight” that “you Gaels seem to have a need to socialise” suggests a residual colonial mindset. It’s a truism that people the world over are social beings. This revealing remark is redolent of a Kipling-era colonialist commenting on the “surprisingly advanced” social habits of “the natives”. Who knows, give us a few hundred more years of direct rule, and we’ll all be using knives and forks."
And maybe a couple of centuries after that, "Ulster Unionism" might finally drag itself out of the seventeenth century and let the Catholic Irish sit at the dinner table, too.

"Libel"-Richard Waghorne
"Attack blog"-Damien Mulley

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