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Wednesday, June 08, 2005 

Getting away with it?

From Spudnik:

"Superintendent Joseph Shelly and Detective Superintendent John McGinley, senior officers who were heavily criticised in the findings, will resign at the end of next month.
McBrearty commented: "That's not good enough. Those two gardai should be sacked. The person who is making them retire - [Garda Commissioner] Noel Conroy - should go along with them."

"I'm calling on the Government to set up an international taskforce to come in and investigate all these cases where false statements of confession were taken over the last 30 years.""

This is entirely right - those responsible are going to swan off with State pensions, instead of being held properly to account for what happened. Where is Michael McDowell, the great moral crusader, on this? An apology isn't enough - a proper Ombudsman is required to restore public confidence now.

Slugger is also covering this, as is Progressive Ireland. There was a great deal of bluster in some quarters a few weeks ago over the "kebabs" remark - where are the Big Media types of the "Freedom Institute" now?

For some, is the notion of criticising Minister McDowell and the Guards a step too far outside the party line?

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