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Thursday, July 20, 2006 

Public Health Warning for Silly Notes

Speaking of Our Man From CATO, it appears that the following Sicilian Notes 'policy':
"Quoting policy on Emails
Unless you ask otherwise, emails will be regarded are quotable. However, unless you state permission, it will be assumed that identity is not to be published."
...is entirely subject to the whim of the blogger in question.
Email From Udaras
Udaras, the Gaeltacht development board, has been in touch. I believe, though I'm open to correction, that this is taxpayer funded body:

Hey there Dick,
You say a lot, but have you any actual reasons or back-up to your article entitled ‘we can do without Irish’, other than your own spurious and totally groundless opinions. In response I simply say, “We can do without Waghorne’.
Go away, and rot, somewhere outside Ireland so your ilk does not pollute any of my Irish island
Sáigh suas do thóin é
Ultan Ó Haodha

Your taxes at work.
Update 1: Impressive. I took a phone call from an extremely apologetic Udaras lady an hour or so ago and this followed in the email shortly thereafter:
[snip apology from summer student]
Ultan, it should be noted, was there on work experience and isn't Udaras staff, something I'm happy to pass on. I fear his career prospects have not been enhanced, but that's his problem [...]
Nice one, Dickie.

It bears pointing out that Mr. Waghorne was in all likelihood using his employer UCD's facilities when he posted that same piece and others. If Richard were this tone-deaf literally (as well as figuratively) he'd make a mediocre musician...

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