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Thursday, November 24, 2005 

The joke on the "liberal hawks" continues.

We see that the rendition story grinds on, with ever more Western nations being drawn into the picture. How soon before the attention of the EU turns to Shannon, we wonder? Bertie told the Dáil on 16th November 2005, in response to a question by Trevor Sargent of the Green Party:
"Regarding Shannon, since this matter has been brought up several times recently we have once again raised it with the Americans at the highest level and they state that they are doing nothing outside the agreement. If they seek to bring up the issue of prisoners, weaponry or other issues outside the agreement, they say that they will bring it to our attention. They restated that as late as last week."
So, there you go. We asked the Bush Administration, they say there's nothing going on, ergo there is nothing going on and we therefore don't need to check if it's true. Nothing to see here, move along. Expect the EU to take a rather different line on this.

And as many people will remember, Al Jazeera - the one genuinely free and independent television station in the Arab world - has had rather bad luck (in both Afghanistan and Iraq) in terms of finding their offices the target of accidental US attack. Let's just say that there are certain indications that the present US administration didn't weep many tears when these mistakes occurred.

But even we were shocked to discover that it appears Dubya had to be talked out of bombing Al Jazeera's head offices in Qatar to kingdom come by Tony. This doesn't sound like a line of thought the cheerleader of the supposed GWOT/GSAVE should really be having, to put it mildly. So much for "let Freedom ring". Those who insist in believing that Bush & company are motivated by love of democracy are starting to look very foolish indeed (you know who you are).

(Update 24/11/05: via Raw Story, more on this here)

Tom Griffin over at the excellent The Green Ribbon has some real scoops to impart on the two hapless Labour members being scapegoated for this embarrassing leak. We can only hope that someone doesn't decide to rub both governments' noses in it and release the whole lot to secrecy-buster Cryptome.

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